But with such great connectivity comes incredibly high stakes.

Lately, it seems no one is safe from data leaks—finance companies, celebrities, even entire countries. With so many accounts requiring vital information like address and social security, it  can be difficult to fill in the blanks without compromising sensitive information. And just one lucky break-in could be a hacker’s dream.

Our world is too connected to “take it or leave it.” But the process of creating privacy and cookie policies can take precious time away from managing your business. Not to mention the hassle when laws are updated and you have to start from scratch. While it may cause headaches to comply with the nitty gritty details of data privacy laws, the reward of securing customers’ trust to safeguard their private information is worth the effort.

To give my clients peace of mind as they head down the convoluted and time-consuming road of security, I now offer data privacy compliance services.

What does this mean for you?

Well, for starters, I’ll do the tedious work of bringing your policies up to current standards and save you hours and hours of grueling review. There are numerous policies each company must understand with their online presence:

  • 💡Privacy and cookie policies: While similar, privacy and cookie policies have distinct differences that explain the ways your website collects, tracks, and stores users’ data. Cookie policy laws are frequently updated, making revising on your website a challenging and time-sensitive process.
  • 💡Cookie consent: Many users are familiar with reviewing cookie policy pop-ups when they first arrive at a new site.
  • 💡Terms and conditions: Just as the name implies, this agreement ensure both user and provider agree to the services offered.
  • 💡Cookie preference logs: New European regulations now require users’ cookie preferences to be logged and documented by trackers.

What makes me qualified?

I’m a certified partner with iubenda, which specializes in data privacy compliance solutions. That means I’m trained to know all the different requirements for compliance; the importance of privacy and cookie policies, cookie consent, terms and conditions, and cookie preference logs and how to write these policies specific to your business; and how to navigate the complicated world of data protection.

If you’re ready to offload the gruesome and tiring task of keeping your data privacy compliances up to date, then give me call today. Together we’ll lock up your users’ vital information and secure their trust in your business.

Each of these policies can involve days’ worth of work, bogging down any well-intentioned online business. Now with my expertise, you’ll finally find that extra time to focus on what’s important.

I’ll also ensure your online business is compliant with any law across state and even international lines, so you won’t be caught off guard when you’ve followed the rules in one zone only to be fined in another.

And best of all, our work together to create an iron-clad policy will bring a whole new level of trust in a world where even entire governments struggle to secure their data.

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