Of course, researching what people are typing into Google when hunting for specific information is a vital keystone to attract new customers to your sight. (Who ever knew there was a difference between houndstooth and chambray patterns, or what a dovetail joint even is?)

Having what people need is only helpful if they find you in the first place. And ensuring your descriptions and images match the one in their head can be the difference between shining at the top of the results page with an answer to their question, or becoming invisible and ignored under pages of endless competitors with better responses.

But SEO tools can take your website beyond just keywords.

What does SEO do?

Optimizing your webpage to attract Google algorithms can be a fully holistic process that can elevate you up to the top of the search pile, bringing in new traffic and more income.

For one, optimizing can include backlinks, a process of connecting your website with other relevant sites, boosting your legitimacy and thus your ranking. Think of it like a citation: The more you can show your connection to known sources, the more trust you’ll build with your audience. And if Google or any other search engine is part of your audience, then it’s a bright signal that your content can be trusted and is worth the searching efforts.

SEO can also help you figure out which content or design gets the most response by doing A/B tests to compare a variety of options and getting into the heads of how your customers think.  Then, after you’ve landed on the perfect landing page layout and messaging, SEO will continue to observe your site’s performance, giving you the first signal when something’s no longer working.

It can also involve hours, and hours… and hours of tedious labor. Precious hours that you as a business owner can’t afford to waste.

Boost your ranking today.

Luckily, I’m a Google expert and certified in SEO research, meaning I can pinpoint exactly what your site needs to rank better, saving you hours of chaos and confusion.  If you’re ready to tackle the world wide web with search engine optimization, then reach out today and together we’ll boost you to the top above and beyond your competitors.

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