How do they keep up with the never-ending and time-sensitive schedule? They automate.

“Ricky helped us create marketing automation campaigns for our start-up. His ability to develop process flows in a streamlined and strategic way has helped our company convert leads faster than ever before. He's a terrific thought partner and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a marketing automation support service.”

Jennifer Morimoto

Co-Founder and Principal,
Madison Investing

By using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, business owners can create a variety of content, then schedule, post, and monitor its performance. Best of all, they can create months-worth of content in one day, clearing up their busy schedules for the rest of the week to focus on more human-centric and real-time matters.


This ability to automate such manual tasks not only frees up precious time, it also enhances the experience for customers. By scheduling a variety of content through different platforms and channels, a curious web browser can click through an organic process to learn more and commit to your service.

Imagine from their perspective

While mindlessly scrolling through social media, a user sees an ad or post from your company that catches their attention. They click on the post, which leads them to a blog, form, product page, or survey. Once coming to the end of the page, they’re hooked on your service or product and submit their email or check out their already-filled cart.  Now that they’ve already expressed their interest in what you have to offer, sending a follow-up email or promotion coupon is a natural part of the relationship.

But without automation, the frantic rush of posting whenever you have a minute to sit down, then following up with an email four days after the initial interaction, then sending another email less than a day after simply because you had a few extra minutes left on your lunch break creates not just a chaotic work week for you, but also an unpredictable and frustrating experience for your customer.

So you see, marketing automation serves more than just a functional purpose—it can make the difference between a potential customer with somewhat piqued curiosity that quickly fades and a loyal client who returns over and over.

Using the Right Tools

So what are some of these CRM tools? Well, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and MailChimp are just a few of the many different options you have to create a hassle-free and organic marketing funnel. And luckily, I happen to be a certified MailChimp partner, meaning I’ll know all the best tricks to get you the best results.

If you’re ready to lighten your load and better serve your customers, reach out today and discover the world of marketing automation.

“Ricky was able to take our online funding application process to a new level.  I presented a vague vision of how I wanted the process to function, Ricky was able to take my ideas and implement them flawlessly into a new system.  Our old application system was clunky, confusing and difficult to navigate, Ricky streamlined the process and made it entirely user friendly.  The process was painless and the result has been fantastic!”

Brittany McMichael

Assistant Director,
Greater Zion Tourism Office

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